Conference Agenda Report Tally

This form is for Groups in the Tejas Bluebonnet Region to provide their conscience and input on the motions outlined in the World Service Conference 2020 Agenda Report. The results will be used by the Regional Delegate Team to compile the conscience of the Region.

Download the Conference Agenda Report

If your Group would prefer to submit your conscience as a hard copy, the PDF can be downloaded from NAWS. Send the completed form to the RD Team via the Email CAR Tally form.

Group Information

Conference Agenda Motions

This form is to collect responses to the Conference Agenda Report motions and survey. In addition to the motions and survey, the CAR contains essays with important relevant content. See the Conference webpage:

Summary videos of the CAR are available.

Please review each item as "Abstain" selections are as valuable as "Yes" and "No".

Motion 1 - To approve the NAWS Long-Term Goals, which serve as the foundation of the NA World Services Strategic Plan.

Motion 2 - To approve the IP contained in Addendum A, “Mental Health in Recovery,” as Fellowship-approved recovery literature.

Motion 3 - To approve the revisions to the FIPT Operational Rules contained in Addendum B.

A summary of the proposed changes shown in Addendum B includes:

  • A change to the Inspection Clause to reflect discussions at WSC 2018 and clarify that only the WSC can act for the beneficiary—the NA Fellowship as a whole.
  • Various "housekeeping" edits:
    • A change to the description of WSC Boards and Committees on page 11 to the World Board.
    • Two edits to Section 12: Trustee Reporting Obligation on page 15 to change calendar year to fiscal year and to add independent to the description of the annual audit.
    • Changing representatives to delegates on page 24 of the Reader’s Notes.
    • A straight copyedit by adding the word the on the same page and other edits on pages 15 and 31.
    • A change to the way the Inspection Clause is described on page 37 of the Reader’s Notes.

Motion 4 - To approve the revisions to NA Intellectual Property Bulletin #1 contained in Addendum C.

This bulletin has been largely rewritten. A clean copy of the bulletin with proposed revisions is contained in Addendum C. A copy tracking the proposed changes is included in Addendum D.

A summary of the proposed changes to Intellectual Property Bulletin #1 includes:

  • Permission would be required to reprint book-length pieces.
  • Current policy that was not clearly expressed in the bulletin has been added to the text. Groups are only allowed to reproduce currently approved versions of recovery literature, as that is all that NAWS is authorized to publish and distribute, and this permission does not include electronic or online formats.
  • The introduction has been rewritten and the section on copyright has been moved ahead of the section on trademarks.
  • Some copyediting changes are suggested, such as using the term policy throughout the document, rather than a mix of policy and guidelines.

Motion 5 - To approve the initiation of the established process to revise the Fellowship Intellectual Property Trust in the 2020–2022 Conference cycle.


Provisions of the Trust Instrument may be changed only under the following conditions:

  1. Any motion to review proposed revisions to the Trust Instrument must receive the approval of a majority of regional delegates at the World Service Conference.
  2. After such review is approved, proposed revisions will be open for a six-month review and input period, after which the proposed revisions will be presented in the Conference Agenda Report for adoption.
  3. A motion to adopt any proposed revisions to the Trust Instrument will require a vote of “yes” from two-thirds of those regional delegates recorded as present in the World Ser-vice Conference roll call immediately prior to the vote.

Motion 6 - To direct the WB to create a project plan for WSC 2022 to create a new Step Working Guide for members whom have worked through the previous one and would like to evolve in their recovery.

Motion 7 - To direct the World Board to develop a project plan, for consideration at WSC-2022, to create a booklet of Step study questions with the parameter that each question is derived from one sentence in the Basic Text chapter ‘How It works’.

Motion 8 - To direct the World Board to create a project plan for the World Service Conference (WSC) 2022, the development of a new IP for daily personal inventory of gratitude.

Motion 9 - To direct the World Board to create a project plan for WSC 2022 to create a new IP for women in recovery.

Motion 10 - To direct the World Board to create a project plan for consideration at WSC 2022 to create a guide for online meetings.

Motion 11 - To direct the World Board to create a project plan for WSC 2022 for a service pamphlet (SP) that explains “being under no surveillance at any time”.

Motion 12 - To direct the World Board to create the Spanish-language Narcotics Anonymous (Basic Text), Step Working Guides, and It Works: How and Why available in an audio format.

Motion 13 - To direct the World Board to create a project plan for consideration at the WSC 2022 to investigate changes and/or additional wording to NA literature from gender specific language to gender neutral and inclusive language.

Motion 14 - To place an 8-year moratorium on the creation of new English language recovery literature after WSC 2020 to WSC 2028, excluding any literature projects already in development.

Motion 15 - Instruct the World Board to develop a project plan for the 2022 World Service Conference (WSC) to produce an informative video about Narcotics Anonymous

for Public Relations services [committees] and online publication, approved by NAWS, where it is briefly explained:

  • What is Narcotics Anonymous
  • How it works
  • How to contact NA

Motion 16 - If any Motion or Proposal, in Content or Intent, has been submitted and failed to achieve consensus or adoption at two consecutive World Service Conferences, the previously proposed Content and Intent may not be suggested to the Fellowship in the Conference Agenda Report (CAR)/ Conference Approval Track (CAT) or at the WSC for one entire conference cycle.

Literature & Service Material

The literature survey and questions are meant for group conscience.  Individuals can submit their responses via the Online Survey. Survey Link

New Recovery Literature (Choose up to 3 new pieces of literature)

Revisions To Existing Recovery Literature ( Choose up to 2 existing pieces for revision)

Service Material (Choose up to 4 service material pieces for development or revision)

Issue Discussion Topics

Issue Discussion Topics (Choose up to 4 IDTs for the 2020–2022 conference cycle)

Questions To Help Frame World Service Conference Discussions

Question 1 - Should Fellowship-approved material be limited to items that address personal recovery and/ or establish fundamental NA philosophy and policies?

Currently, Fellowship-approved material includes some items that are addressed to members but are not directly about personal recovery, such as IP #15 "PI and the NA Member" and IP #20 "H&I Service and the NA Member", as well as items that are addressed to groups or service bodies, such as IP #2 "The Group" and IP #26 "Accessibility for Those with Additional Needs".

Question 2 - Do you support updating at least one Information Pamphlet (IP) per Conference cycle?

Question 3 - A relatively small number of groups stock service pamphlets or group-related tools. Do you believe this is due to:

Question 4 - What other ideas do you have for getting approved service materials to groups and members more easily?