• Willingness to perform the below responsibilities for a full 2-year term
  • Clean time requirement of 3 years
  • Must have access to a computer and internet
  • Must have strong word processing skills
  • Experience similar to a secretary or record preferred
  • Attend all RSCs
  • Attend Regional Assemblies in odd-numbered years
  • Make a written record of each RSC, to include basic actions and discussions of the body and reports made to the RSC
  • Email record to the regional body no later than 6 weeks after each RSC/Assembly
  • Must work with the Policy Facilitator to ensure the accuracy of policy changes
  • At the Assembly, do the following:
    • Have each GSR or RCM who plans to vote check in by identifying the NA group or area that they are representing
    • Hand out official identifiable ballots for the RD and RDA elections
    • Make a record of the election portion of the assembly
Postion Status: 
Open Position