Conference Motions Tally 2023

This form is for Groups in the Tejas Bluebonnet Region to provide their conscience and input on the motions provided by the World Service Conference 2022. The results will be used by the Regional Delegate Team to compile the conscience of the Region.

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Group Information

Conference Agenda Motions

This form is to collect responses to the Conference Agenda Report motions and survey. In addition to the motions and survey, the CAR contains essays with important relevant content. See the Conference webpage:

Please review each item as "Abstain" selections are as valuable as "Yes" and "No".

Motion 1 - To approve adding zonal delegates from seated zones to the Settlor and Trustor of the Fellowship Intellectual Property Trust (FIPT).

Motion 2 - To approve the revisions to the FIPT Operational Rules contained in Addendum B.

Motion 3 - To approve the revisions to NA Intellectual Property Bulletin #1 contained in Addendum D.

Motion 4 - To acknowledge that an NA meeting that meets regularly in person or virtually can choose to be an NA group if they meet the criteria described in The Group Booklet, including the six points for an NA group, and are consistent with NA philosophy as expressed in our Traditions. (Footnotes will be added to The Group Booklet and GLS, reflecting the decision of the WSC, if this motion passes, and referencing Virtual Meeting Basics as a possible resource.)

Motion 5 - To revise A Vision for NA Service, changing the phrase “his or her own language and culture” to the phrase “their own language and culture.” (If this motion passes, A Vision for NA Service will be revised in future printings, including in Fellowship-approved recovery literature.)

Motion 6 - To approve a change to World Services Translation Policy in GWSNA to allow the possibility for up to six locally developed personal stories to be included in translated Sixth Edition Basic Texts, if the stories have first been published in the Little White Book of that language. These stories would be placed in their own section in Our Members Share with the following language preceding them: A Vision for NA Service looks forward to a day when addicts around the world have the opportunity to experience our message in their own language and culture. In pursuit of that vision, communities or language groups that have published local stories in the Little White Book may include up to six of those stories in the Basic Text if they choose. These [fill in the number] stories were originally published in the [fill in the language] Little White Book in [fill in the year].

Motion 7 - To extend the six World Board members’ terms currently expiring in 2024 through the end of the upcoming World Service Conference cycle.

Motion 8 - As a result of the COVID pandemic, to suspend the World Convention of NA (WCNA) rotation policy after 2024, to allow the World Board to determine what is possible and practical moving forward and then seek approval from conference participants.

Motion 9 - To approve a three-year World Service Conference cycle on a trial basis following WSC 2023 through WSC 2029. Following 2029, the WSC cycle would return to two years, unless another decision is made.

Motion 10 - If Motion 9 is adopted, to approve an interim virtual WSC in the middle of the conference cycle for decisions that are legally necessary and those that conference participants choose to address. As was done in the 2020–2023 cycle, material would be posted on under the same deadline policies as the CAT (90 days prior) and all voting conference participants would be polled to choose the items they wish to address.

Motion 11 - If Motion 9 is adopted, to approve a change to the release of the Conference Agenda Report (CAR) to be thirty days earlier than the current policy of 150 days prior to the start of the World Service Conference. The new CAR release day would be 180 days prior to the in-person WSC meeting for English, 150 days for translated versions. The deadline for the finalization of regional and zonal motions would be 270 days. The Conference Agenda Report will be posted on at no cost to members.

Motion 12 - To change the current policy of NA World Services automatically funding delegates from seated regions and zones to the WSC to funding available upon request.

Motion 13 - To direct the World Board to create a project plan for the next World Service Conference (WSC), for the development of a new IP for daily personal inventory of gratitude.

Motion 14 - To direct the World Board to create a project plan for consideration at the next WSC to investigate changes and/or additional wording to NA literature from gender specific language to gender neutral and inclusive language.

Motion 15 - To direct the World Board to create a project plan for the next WSC to initiate the process for the Fellowship to approve adding “gender” to “What is the NA Program?” to read: “Anyone may join us regardless of age, race, gender, sexual identity, creed, religion or lack of religion.”

Motion 16 - To direct the World Board to develop a project plan, for consideration at the next World Service Conference, to create a booklet of Step study questions where all answers relate to a line in Chapter Four in the Basic Text.

Motion 17 - To place an 8 year moratorium on the creation of new recovery literature after WSC 2023, excluding all translations or literature projects currently in development.

Motion 18 - To direct the World Board to create a project plan for the next WSC to study permitting service committees of Narcotics Anonymous who are, or may be, willing to serve as literature printing/ distribution and selling centers inside and outside the United States.

Motion 19 - To direct the WB to create a virtual Institutional Review Board (IRB) to review all researchers and their research questions that request access to the Narcotics Anonymous population through NAWS to conduct research.

Motion 20 - To direct NAWS to provide at audio recordings of the worldwide webinars on the topics of Public Relations, Hospital &Institution, Step Writing for Inmates, Fellowship Development, Phone Line, and others.

Motion 21 - To direct NA World Services to remove the Hospitals and Institutions Handbook from the inventory.

Motion 22 - If any Motion or Proposal, in Content or Intent, has been submitted and failed to achieve consensus or adoption at two consecutive World Service Conferences, the previously proposed Content and Intent may not be suggested to the Fellowship in the Conference Agenda Report (CAR)/ Conference Approval Track (CAT) or at the WSC for one entire conference cycle.

Motion 23 - All in-person and virtual World Service Conferences will be streamed to provide access to NA members in English audio.

Motion 24 - All Conference Participant webinars will be streamed to provide access to NA members in English audio.

Motion 25 - All votes and straw polls on motions that were included in the Conference Agenda Report or the Conference Approval Track, not to include election ballots, will be displayed in real time for all Conference Participants to see, showing who voted and how they voted.

Literature & Service Material

Items with an asterisk come from motions the WSC has already approved to create project plans. The date in parentheses is the year the motion was passed. Members can fill out this survey online at until

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